April 2012 – New Locations

"Pokez" is a vegetarian restaurant and a hangout place in downtown San Diego. When we approached them, the managers allowed us to keep a 16Rounds magazine stand in this hip place. Now there is another location where you can pick up a copy of 16Rounds.

Rohini poses in front of the restaurant just after placing a 16Rounds stand there.

Amazing artwork decorates the outer walls.

Even the back entrance is covered in colorful art.

Mexican culture always had intimate connection with spirituality and religion.

This area of downtown shows signs of destitute, violence, antisocial behavior and other such marks common to poverty stricken sections.

In stark contrast to poverty, downtown shows marks of extreme wealth.

Next place to host our magazine stand was Lestats cafe on Adams avenue.

Lestats cafe is located on Adams Avenue in Normal Heights. "Normal Heights" - what a funny name. I wonder how it had gotten it. Do you know?

On the way back home to Pacific Beach, just for fun, I snapped two photos of the same alley. I liked how the electrical lines and the road meet in the distance.

Mahat is the editor of "16ROUNDS to Samadhi." Born in 1975 on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. Monk since the age of 20. Moved to Los Angeles in 1999. Moved to San Diego in 2004. Living in Berkeley since October of 2013.

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    Angela Mageras

    thank you for sharing. Like how you noticed the roads and lines meeting in the distance. Beautiful SD. 😉

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