Jeff vs. iPad

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Oh, for the love of stuff!

Ok folks, the time may be coming. This world may be a bit kookie; some of the methods we use for communication, and even a few of the “normal” societal values we raise arms over may not be the most progressive.

One quick question we should ask ourselves is: “Do I posses things or do they posses me?” You know, the type of question we encourage our kids to shut up about. But hey, why not raise the question? Do our so-called “modern problems” actually differentiate in quality from other problems throughout history? What solutions are on the modern factory workbench to meet with the imbalances of the soul? The next iPad? Unlocking the holy grail of smart phone apps? The next, next myspace? It seems that rather than continuing to find solutions through different arrangements of matter, no matter how glossy-sweet they may be, it may be wiser to seek a more holistic approach.

We don’t need a modern, complicated lifestyle to bring us satisfaction. Lasting happiness will not be found by our rush to touch, taste, or smell any one of the colorful varieties of sensations effectively calibrated to distract us. Neither is lasting happiness found by running away from the world. We have to act in this world, but the key is to act in a way that is congruous to our true identity as spirit, and not matter – two categorically different phenomena that we oftentimes fail to accurately discriminate.

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