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  • Reply January 19, 2013

    Leo the Lion

    Amazing video, I loved every second of it. The ending was such an eye opener to the harsh realities of the perpetual cycle many misinformed individuals embark on when preemptively jumping into relationships and marriage. It truly conceptualizes the importance of marriage, soul-mate bonding, love, but most importantly being spiritually conscious of ones self and vice-versa in a relationship of success.

    Love you guys keep up the good work, God bless!

    Ps. I got a giggle out of the South Bay Marina video shoot, I love jogging out there! I always said to myself this abandoned area would be a great place for a move and what do you know, lol…

    • Reply February 8, 2013


      Leo, glad you enjoyed the film. I am also glad you saw that our message is not against relationships, but that our message promotes healthy relationships.

      Yeah, that abandoned bridge down there…it is almost like from a fairy tale. It took me several days of driving around San Diego to find such a suitable location.


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