Meaning of Samadhi

SAMADHI means:

Recollection, absorption, meditation, constant remembrance and trance are the five items of progressive rememberance of Krishna. At first, remembrance may be interrupted at intervals, but later remembrance proceeds uninterrupted. When remembrance is uninterrupted, it becomes concentrated and is called meditation. When meditation expands and becomes constant, it is called anusmrti. By uninterrupted and unceasing anusmrti one enters the stage of samadhi, or spiritual trance. After samadhi has fully developed, the soul comes to understand his original constitutional position. This is the perfection of life.

There are two kinds of samadhi:

  1. samprajnata-samadhi: when one becomes situated in the transcendental position by philosophical research.
  2. asamprajnata-samadhi: when there is no longer any connection with mundane pleasure, for one is then transcendental to all sorts of happiness derived from the physical senses.