The Messenger



You speak in palindromes:
war is peace, peace is war.

To tell me
that someone is fighting
for my freedoms is to
regurgitate patriotic rhetoric.

To be patriotic
is to become emotionally
polarized on command
to an artificial cause.

My mind will not get in line.
My heart will not mobilize for you.
I do not accept your definitions.
I do not believe your explanations.

I do not need
your sculpted world of lies
that stack high
like a house of cards.


This rebellion is undetectable,
this rebellion is universal.

Its echo is transcendental;
it will not be censored or intercepted.
It will not be mutilated or manipulated.

So I surrender because
I do not need to fight.

I surrender because
I am the water in your nets!

Kill me for I am a messenger,
kill me because you cannot kill the source.

Destroy me because
you cannot destroy
the endless reservoir of love.

Silence me since you cannot
silence the eternal resonance.


True peace has always been
the effulgence within us,
not fighting wars in its name or honor.

Love will never come from politicians.
Peace cannot be voted into office or
signed into legislation.

It cannot be achieved through bloodshed
just as love cannot be achieved through rape.

Peace like love is our forgotten position
and like the wind it cannot be stopped,
and like the skies it cannot be cannot be erased.

Peace and love will never be taken from us
just as light cannot be taken from a blaze.

I will wait for you on the other side,
we will wait for you on the other side,
join us on the other side.

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